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   The unique culture idea of Shengkang is to ensure that all corporate business will be carried out with the core value in the center. The culture idea is the lighting house lights up the road on which Shengkang staff are marching forward to pursue the prosperity of the Group tirelessly and diligently.  


   Value: Utmost virtue like the water, Utmost morality like the valley


   The value of Shengkang is excerpted from Lao Tze which means the utmost virtue is the character of water irrigating everything not for the fame and the utmost moral like the valley leans on the huge mountain and lays streams of fountain representing both hardness and softness.


   Upholding the concept of virtue and moral is the culture basement of Shengkang International Holding Group and it is unshakable.


   Principle: Efficiency, Practicability and Win-win result.


   At the initial stage of development, Shengkang stuck to the principle of efficiency and constructed many hospitals by scientific investment concluded by market demand. Those hospitals does not only serve the mass people but bring considerable return to the stakeholder both in economic and social terms.


   Motto: Devotion and Diligence


   Every staff in Shengkang knows that the detail determine the success. One shall not be arrogant and impatient, but be careful and diligent to his or her duty so as to push forward the development of the company.

   Vision: To become a respectable and reliable medical and healthcare service company


   The Shengkang Group is an international investment and management group determined in medical and healthcare industry. The Group foresees the opportunity of the medical care industry, meets the demand of people’s health, and determines to become a respectable and reliable medical and healthcare service enterprise.


   Management Idea: Return to the nature of medical care and provide medical care service products higher than what the patients expect


   To be a specialized investment and management group in medical care and health industry, the Group persistently sticks to the nature of medical care. The Group strictly balances the quality and business morality and refrains from any mistake, keeps on improving in technology, makes sure of medical quality and persists in providing the clients medical service products with high quality.