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  Advantage 1: The Modern Corporate Governance Structure 


  To be an industry leader with mature operations, the Shengkang Group strictly executes the modern corporate governance structure and the operating management mechanism of business units as the cores. By learning from international advanced experience with consideration of its own advantages, a comprehensive 8-aspect management system with overall  budget management as the core after years of perfection and high efficient operations model of internal management is realized.  


  Advantage 2: Regulated and Effective Operations Management


  A management platform is constructed by Shengkang Group from overall market investigation data to accurate information, from the storage of high profile talent people to scaled purchase of modern medical equipment from home and abroad, from import of cutting edge medical technology to cooperation with top international institutions. This enormous platform provided strong support to the medical institutions under the Group’s administration. Meanwhile, its helps those newly established hospital step into the fast development track at a higher start level.


  Advantage 3: Reliable and Systematical Brand Marketing


  With the brand marketing experience of more than ten years, after optimization and integration, Shengkang Group has constructed a reliable and overall brand operation system. With the business unit as the cores, brand marketing was assigned and operated by hospitals uniformly from top-level-design to brand promotion, from brand application to brand realization.



  Advantage 4: Extensive Public Medical Resource


  The Group’s headquarter can precisely grasp the medical reform policies from the government so that the mission of the Group can fully comply with the development of the era. With the faster development of China’s economy, the Groups enjoys high speed development as well. Mr. Sun Chunlong, former deputy Minister of Health expressed his appreciation to Shengkang Group for its contribution to China’s medical system development and encourage the Shengkang by calligraphic inscription as “Peace and Health in Prosperous Time”.